Endorsements for United and Ignited

We are very grateful for those who read the manuscript of this book and were willing to endorse it with their kind words!  They appear below alphabetically.

Wow! Dennis Fuqua has given the Church a very significant gift! It is a rare church that has not struggled with both the concept and the practice of corporate prayer.  This book is going to help in both areas. It is unique in building its structure around the questions that pastors and church leaders have been (or should be) asking.  I see a new wave of prayer coming as a result of United and Ignited. 

Dave Butts, Chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee

“I have several shelves of books on prayer in my office.  Most of them address private prayer, the theology of prayer, the need for prayer.  United and Ignited: Encountering God through Dynamic Corporate Prayer by my friend, Dennis Fuqua is a much needed, how-to book on corporate prayer. Reading it brings joy. Adding it to my collection brings balance. Recommending it brings pleasure.  Add it to your reading list. Incorporate it into your prayer groups, families, churches.  The leader has much to learn from this book. The family of God has much to gain from leaders reading and applying the principles and practices of this book.”

Dr. Dan R. Crawford, Senior Professor of Evangelism & Missions, Chair of Prayer Emeritus, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. President, Disciple All Nations, Inc.

Don’t read this book unless you are ready and eager for a different kind of prayer experience. This book is the GPS for your journey into dynamic corporate prayer.  It comes from a pioneer who has both the skills and spiritual sensitivity necessary to explain and train you to lead small groups or large gatherings into an authentic encounter with God.

Phil Miglioratti, COO, Mission America Coalition / Editor, Pray! Network, Palatine, Illinois

“Dynamic, corporate prayer is changing my life, my church and my city. Practical, balanced and utilizing wisdom garnered through thousands of hours of prayer facilitation – United and Ignited encourages leaders in our churches and cities to facilitate profound prayer experiences. Andrew Murray has stated, “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history”. Dennis Fuqua, through United and Ignited, is discipling world-changing prayer mobilizers. Read it, use it, live it – and may His Kingdom come as we do!

Kevin Moore, Executive Director, Mission Birmingham / Worship and Outreach Pastor, Shades Mountain Independent Church, Birmingham, Alabama

I am thrilled Dennis Fuqua has finally put on paper what he has been modeling and teaching many pastors and prayer facilitators for many years, and that is; How to effectively lead a corporate prayer meeting while broadening people’s understanding of scriptural based, personal and corporate prayer. Fuqua’s approach to prayer, especially leading corporate prayer, is rich, warm and engaging to both the seasoned prayer warrior and the new believer. I highly recommend and endorse United and Ignited as a “must have” resource for all pastors and ministry leaders who are committed to strong biblical discipleship – helping their congregants to “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” Colossians 4:2

Ezra Okoti, Prayer and Discipleship Ministries, Northview Community Church, Abbotsford, BC

Dennis Fuqua has created a much needed resource for church leaders, council members, worship team members and worship planners.  The style of the book is engaging and the format is easy to use.  Having participated in a number of pastors prayer summits with the author, I have been given a glimpse into the mechanics of leading a dynamic corporate prayer service.  For anyone wanting a nuts and bolts guide to the foundational issues around facilitating corporate prayer, this book is for you.

Pastor J Scott Roberts, Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, Washington

Books on prayer can be notorious for being boring, or setting folks to snoring. I know Dennis Fuqua to be a man authentically passionate about the practice of corporate prayer. United and Ignited offers creative ideas for divine conversations that have emerged from the crucible of a variety of intercessory encounters. This is not your standard, stale, re-warmed bread. This is fresh-baked manna that will nourish any soul hungry for a deeper, more satisfying engagement in community prayer. Dennis offers up a variety of practical, ready-to-use tools. I commend this book to any and all who facilitate group prayer.

Tom White, Frontline Ministries, Author, The Believers Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Breaking Strongholds and City-Wide Prayer Movements, Corvallis, Oregon

Here is a practical guide for the prayer facilitator.  Whether one is relative new or broadly experienced in leading corporate prayer, this book contains a wealth of wise insights to prepare and lead group prayer. It is immersed in the biblical text and well organized for present use and future study.   I warmly endorse and widely recommend United and Ignited as a guidebook and resource for corporate prayer. It is a tool designed to serve us as we endeavor to serve others in the sacred task of united prayer.

Rob Wiggins, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon


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