Dennis loves interacting with people in person.  These workshops and seminars are always highly interactive, personal, impactful, practical, and economically affordable.  Here is a list of some he has done.  Each one could include a Question and Answer time as well. If you would like him to present one of these in your setting, please contact him for details.


Living Prayer – This is a 6 hour seminar, typically scheduled on a Sunday and Monday evening, after I preach at the church on Sunday morning.  During the seminar we work through each line of The Lord’s Prayer in a very practical way so the participants will be able to pray more the way Jesus taught us to pray.  Each person receives a copy of Dennis’ book, Living Prayer: the Lord’s Prayer Alive in You as well as notes and several other helpful resources.

Would you like more information?  Take a look at a generic brochure, some testimonies of previous attendees and pastors, and some other basic information.



United and Ignited – This is a 2-4 hour seminar designed to help people feel confident and creative in leading dynamic prayer meetings.  It has been shared many times in various settings from seminary classrooms to congregations to conferences.  Each person receives a copy of Dennis’ book, United and Ignited: Encountering God Through Dynamic Corporate Prayer as well as notes and several other helpful resources.



Written on Our Heart – This is a 2-4 hour seminar designed to help people both see the value of and develop confidence in their ability to engage in Biblical Meditation.  God’s desired destination for His Word has always been the human heart.  Biblical Meditation is the process the Spirit of God uses to write the Word of God on the hearts of the people of God.  Each person receives a copy of Dennis’ book, Experiencing Life and Power Through Biblical Meditation as well as note and several other helpful resources.


Strengthen Your Prayer Life
– This is a 2-6 hour seminar designed to help people move beyond  “prayer 101.”  It looks at how Jesus and Paul prayed and also several Biblical themes of prayer.  It helps the participants see Biblical patterns of prayer and incorporate them into their own personal times of prayer.



Portions of this seminar could be accomplished in a shorter timeframe, such as

Praying Like Jesus – A careful look at the longest and most intense prayer of Jesus we have recorded in Scripture, John 17, and how we can follow His pattern.

Praying Like Paul – A careful look at the 6 key prayers of Paul recorded in his epistles.  We will look at both the topics and the themes Paul prayed and learn how to incorporate the into our prayers.

Praying in God’s Will – A careful look at what Scripture says about praying in God’s will.  How can we know God’s will and how can we pray with confidence toward it?

Praying in Jesus’ Name – A careful look at this often used, Biblical, phrase and how to shape our prayers because of it.

Praying God’s Peace – A careful look at the Scriptural command to pray for the “shalom” of a city and of individuals.  We will learn how to have our prayers directed toward and shaped by God’s peace.

Praying God’s Purposes – Prayer is not about trying to convince an unwilling god to do our will, or to inform an ignorant god of what he should do.  It is about aligning our hearts with the wonderful plans of a loving God to see His purposes accomplished here on earth like it is in heaven.  Let’s look at how we can line our prayers up with His purposes.

Becoming a House of Prayer – This seminar contains several components of how to build a Biblical culture of prayer in a congregation; from evaluation of the congregation all the way to implementation of a personalized model which would be built upon the history, style, and desires of the leadership and the congregation involved.

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