You want more resources to pray meaningfully from the Lord’s Prayer?  You came to the right place!

Because of our deep desire to assist you in your pursuit of letting the Lord’s Prayer become Alive in You, we have carefully developed this Study Guide. You may use is individually or with an existing home group or class. Or why not design a group for the purpose of developing a deeper relationship with Jesus through this study?

We are delighted to be able to offer you free of charge. Interaction between computers and printers varies.  If you have difficulty printing the study guide, please contact us.  We can get you printed copies at a very reasonable rate.

This bookmark summarizes the most significant way we have learned to pray through the Lord’s Prayer. We refer to it as Praying God’s Purposes.  You can use it yourself and then give a few copies to others to encourage them as well. It is designed to be a personal reminder of what you have learned from Living Prayer or it can serve as a “stand alone” item.

You will want to use a heavyweight card stock. Print side one and then place paper back in printer/copier so you can print side two on the back side. You may want to laminate them. Cut out bookmarks. The printed grid marks will help align your cutting.

Using the Prayer – Brochure

This one-page tri-fold brochure in PDF format includes the content of the Living Prayer Bookmark as well as an extensive summary of information about the Lord’s Prayer from the Living Prayer Seminar.  It is designed to be a quick, usable summary for those who have attended then seminar.

 The items below are found in the book, and are offered here so you may print them and use them as you see fit.

These Power Point presentations will help you as you start praying in this manner.  Download them to your computer by clicking on the link.

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  1. Dear Dennis, Our small group (SS Class) is just starting this study on Living Prayer. I’ve already read the first three chapters of your book. I am truly excited about this study and what God is going to do in my life and the lives of others in our class. Making prayer personal is a little harder than I thought. I, like others, are tuned in to the “we” and “us” pronouns. (Kind of that ‘strength in numbers’ as we defend ourselves regarding something we did or didn’t do!). But I really do want to continue to put my name, or the pronouns “I” and “me” into my prayers. I have done that with scriptures many times. And I think praying expectantly is a real key. I mean, if you aren’t expecting God to answer, why did you even pray. I pray that God would give me the eyes to see the answers when they come, and as I am out in the community that He would give me opportunities to share with others the hope I have in Him. Thank you for all the things you have shared in your study that I know God will use to draw us closer to Him. May God bless you daily.

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