Prayers from Chapter 8

Prayers from “Give us this day…”

39.  Give us

Father, when I come to these words of this prayer, they humble me. They tell me that I am desperately needy. They remind me of my spiritual poverty. They tell me  that there are things I need that I cannot acquire on my own. I am not a self-made man, nor am I an island unto myself.

They tell me that if these needs are going to be met, I must simply acknowledge them, come to You, and ask. I have no line of credit to draw on. I have no currency to offer You. I have no capacity to require anything from You. I can only come with my need. So here I am again, Lord, with nothing in my hand except my needs. Your Word is true when it says that apart from You I can do nothing. And apart from You I have nothing.

As I come, I come with confidence that because You have met my needs before, You will meet them again. I am thankful that when I come to you in this manner You never find fault with either me or my request. As I approach Your throne today, I acknowledge that I am not my own source. I come instead to the One who is the best and only true Source.


40.  Give us (2)

Heavenly Father, these words give me great hope because they not only tell me about my need they also tell me about Your wonderful invitation. When I come before You with empty hands, I know that I am here because You have invited me to be here! I know I am not a bother or a beggar but a child who has come to the storehouse of the Father. I am so grateful that I am not
an intrusion into Your busy schedule. Just as You have invited me into a relationship with You, You have also invited me to stay connected with You by daily coming to You with the most basic of requests. So, Father, it is good to be here again!

These words also give me hope because they tell me that You are the One who can supply my real needs. Thank You that my needs are not “un-meetable.” There is a place where I can go to have all of them met. Please continually remind me that they are not met outside of You. Every time I consider looking in another direction besides You, to have the needs of my life met, I ask
You to gently but firmly remind me that You are the only Source of living water. I bless You and worship You because You are both able and willing to meet all the needs I bring to You.


41.  This day

Father in heaven, I am so thankful for all the previous days. I am grateful for the relationship, the growth, the joy, the ministry, the forgiveness, and the memories of previous days. And I thank You for the anticipated tomorrows. Thank You that because You never change, I can anticipate more of life with You in the future. But today, I am thankful for this day. I ask that as You view this day it would be meaningful for You and Your purposes. This day, I want Your name to be more holy. This day, I want to see Your kingdom more established and expanded.

This day I want more of Your will accomplished by me and through me. This day I want to take full advantage of Your wonderful supply. This day I want to revel in Your forgiveness and extend it to others. This day I want to follow Your leadership. And this day I want to run into the tower of Your strong name for protection.

Father I am grateful for these two words You included in this prayer. You were so wise to include them! They bring all of this prayer out of history and make it contemporary. They remind me of the daily nature of my relationship with You. They remind me that yesterday’s manna was a wonderful meal but is now only a memory. They tell me that I need to stay current with You. So, this day I come again to You through the use of this prayer.


42.  This day (2)

Father, I remember Joshua’s challenge to the Israelites years ago. He challenged them to make a decision this day about who they were going to serve. I hear the same challenge to me today. This day I want to serve You! I remember making that life-altering decision years ago, and I renew it again today. I don’t want anything or anyone else to be my lord and master. I want to
serve You by serving those around me, but I don’t want them to take Your unique place as Lord of my life.

And I remember the Psalmist rejoicing in a day when the rejected stone became the chief cornerstone. Jesus, I also rejoice in this picture of Your exaltation. You deserve to be in that most important plac e. I remember when You were not the cornerstone of my life. Those days did not produce a lot of rejoicing. And I remember the day You became the most important
stone of my life. I welcome You again today as my Chief Cornerstone. I ask that all of today’s decisions would line up with You just like all the other stones are to line up with the chief cornerstone. If You catch me setting a stone that does not align with You, please check me and give me enough grace to realign it.

This day I choose You. This day I rejoice because You are the Chief Cornerstone.

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