Endorsements for Living Prayer

We are grateful for many people (listed in alphabetical order below) who read a pre-publication edition of Living Prayer.   They did both you and I a service. They now are encouraging you to read it and use it.

Here is a book that presents a timeless teaching tool on prayer!  By following the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer, the reader is motivated and then equipped to unlock the mystery of prayer.  One cannot help but fall deeper in love with the Savior as prayer becomes a daily reality.

Dr. Joseph C. (and Ruthe) Aldrich, Former President
Multnomah Bible College & Seminary www.multnomah.edu
Author, Life Style Evangelism and Reunitus
Portland, OR (Dennis was very blessed to have Dr.Joe read this manuscript before his departure early in 2009.)

Dennis’ conversational style of writing draws you into his experience on this amazing journey into the model prayer we often refer to as “the Lord’s Prayer.”  It is as practical as it is enejoyable to simply enter into the practice of praying this prayer, as he does it in the book.  One of my favorite statements is in Chapter 3…. “Part of this prayer’s purpose is to produce change in us. As we continually pray these requests, we’re transformed.”  I think that is the “heart” of the book and it’s author….. “Lord, I want to change.”

Howard Boyd
Pastor, Branson Hills Assembly of God  http://www.bhag.us
Branson, MO.

Both the material presented during the “Living Prayer” weekend and the presenter, Dennis Fuqua, have had a profound impact on our congregation.  Dennis’ whimsical, humorous, and very biblical approach to the subject of prayer spoke to the hearts of our people and is moving us to pray more “biblically”.  Through the “Living Prayer” seminar Dennis has awakened us to the beauty, power, and practicality of the Lord’s Prayer – which many of us had consigned to the realm of ritual, or to a plaque on the wall.  The format of having Dennis preach on Sunday morning and then to have the seminar on Sunday and Monday evenings is brilliant – Dennis’ presentation in the morning certainly whet our appetites for more!  Thanks IRM, and thanks Dennis, for your ongoing commitment to helping US pray to OUR Father in heaven!

Tom Kok
Pastor, Third Reformed Church
Lynden, WA.

When my friend, Dennis Fuqua, told me he had written a book on the Lord’s Prayer, my first thought was, “Not another book on this same prayer.” After reading it though, I’m so glad he did. The practical tools he shares will change your prayer life, as it changed his. If effective prayer is your goal, then you’ll want to read this book.

Dave Butts
President, Harvest Prayer Ministries www.harvestprayer.org
Chairman, National Prayer Committee
Author, Pray Like The King
Terra Haute, IN

For years I have used the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples as the basis for my morning prayer time.  Those times have been rich.  But, thanks to Dennis Fuqua, they should be even richer in the days ahead.  I believe that this book can help me and every reader to deepen and enrich our prayer lives.  I commend it to you!

Dr. Paul Cedar
Chairman, Mission America Coalition www.missionamerica.org
Author, A Life of Prayer
Palm Spring, CA

Another book on prayer?  That was my first thought as I looked at Living Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer Alive in You by Dennis Fuqua.  Then I began to read.  I am so thankful for this book.  Fresh insights into old words and phrases.  If you’ve never studied the Lord’s Prayer, you need to read this book.  If you’ve studied the Lord’s Prayer many times, you really need to read this book.

Dr. Dan R. Crawford, Senior Professor of Evangelism & Missions
Chair of Prayer and Spiritual Formation Emeritus
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,  www.discipleallnations.org
Author, The Prayer-Shaped Disciple
Fort Worth, Texas

I am thrilled that Dennis Fuqua has written this book for at least three reasons; (1) The Lord’s Prayer Pattern is after all the prototype for all true prayer; (2) Dennis Fuqua is the real deal — when he speaks I listen; (3) I had the privilege of hearing Dennis teach this material to our students in the College of Prayer.  Their lives were transformed.  Yours will be as well.

Fred A. Hartley, III
Lead Pastor, Lilburn Alliance Church  www.lilburn4jesus.com 
President, College of Prayer International
Author, Everything By Prayer
Lilburn, GA

If you had a medical need, you would want a well-educated and highly-experienced doctor.  If you want to learn to pray, this resource is an outstanding choice.  Dennis Fuqua is well-studied and imminently experienced in the dynamics of biblical, balanced prayer. I’ve enjoyed leading prayer gatherings with Dennis and have consistently enjoyed his depth, sensitivity and insight.  He is a leader of prayer leaders, a teacher to many and a servant of all who aspire to grow in prayer. Read and be blessed.

Daniel Henderson
President Strategic Renewal www.strategicrenewal.com
Author, PrayZing
Forest , VA

It is amazing how many of us – and I do mean “us” because I’m certainly included here – have perused the Lord’s Prayer, then moved on to what we thought were “deeper truths” concerning prayer. Dennis does us all a great service by taking us back where we belong; reminding us that when Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, His response was both profound and timeless.

Mike Higgs
President, LINC Ministries
Exec. Director, Portland Youth Foundation  www.portlandyouth.com  
Author, Youth Ministry On Your Knees
Portland, OR

Let Dennis Fuqua take you on a journey with Christ and to Christ through this prayer Christ gave to His Church.  The journey is strengthened by a glimpse into Dennis’ own walk with the Lord; a walk of many of us enjoyed with Dennis on our way to the summit of prayer.

His unpacking of this ancient prayer reveals fresh insights capable of revitalizing our programmed, sometimes thoughtless, recitation. Part study, he isolates key phrases and words then instructs us on their rich depth of meaning, and part challenge, our guide takes us on a journey from text to context to subtext. The Lord’s Prayer becomes our praying, or, as Dennis says, our Life.

This new book serves prayer leaders and prayer groups well. Questions facilitate deeper understanding and promote biblical discussion. Dennis’ own written prayers, inspired by his over twenty years of praying and living the Lord’s Prayer, are excellent tools to help individuals and groups “pray the prayer” in a more personalized way.

Dennis has not only given us a book about prayer; it is a prayer book for those who want to walk and talk with our Father in heaven.

Phil Miglioratti
President, National Pastors Prayer Network www.nppn.org
National Coordinator, Loving Your Communities to Christ

I love Dennis’ book, Living Prayer, because it reminds me afresh that the treasures waiting to be “unearthed” in the Word of God are inexhaustible.   These pages are filled with the harvest of his tenacious pursuit of more in the place of prayer, offering clear evidence that God will be found by those who “seek Him with all their heart.”  And wonderfully, Dennis tells us, he’s only scratched the surface!

Lisa Otis
ASK Network, and The Sentinel Group 
Seattle, Washington

Dennis Fuqua gives us fresh and creative guidelines for allowing the values and themes found in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ to motivate and shape our prayers.  I’m confident that readers will readily relate to Dennis’ personal efforts to internalize the teachings of Jesus about how to approach our Heavenly Father and what to seek from Him, and will also glean valuable insights into how we can submit to the living Lordship of Jesus in our p rayers.”

Dr. Randal Roberts,
Western Seminary www.westernseminary.edu
Portland, OR

Reading Dennis Fuqua’s book is like following a well-trained guide on a river journey. He knows the twists and turns, the beauty spots, the way the current moves, the curve of the shoreline. With him, you realize that you are navigating the river of prayer. It is a journey over territory so familiar to you, and yet you begin to feel in some ways this is your first exposure to the subject, “The Lord’s Prayer.”

In the early chapters, Dennis methodically lays down principles with helpful questions at the end of each section. By the time you reach the end of the book, you realize that you have laid the wood on the altar for an incredible bonfire of prayer. The models for prayer toward the end of the book are fascinating, insightful and practically helpful. Dennis shows twenty-four different ways to grasp the interaction between the first and second sections of the prayer. He offers different versions of the prayer, expanded, for different seasons of life, providing language to enrich personal prayer. He shows that the prayer is not merely something to be repeated, but a window by which we grapple with real life issues.

Doug Small
Alive Ministries/Project Pray  www.projectpray.org 
Kannaplois, NC

My friend Dennis Fuqua has produced a powerful “tool.”  His book, Living Prayer: the Lord’s Prayer Alive in You is foundational. As he suggests, for us to ask Jesus to teach us how to pray is one of the most important things we can ever do. And we can rest assured that although His answers won’t change, they may provide further revelation as times and circumstances change. This book provides revelation. Get it. Read it!

Eddie Smith,
President, U.S. Prayer Center,  www.usprayercenter.org 
Author, How to be Heard in Heaven
Houston, TX

This book made a difference in my prayer life from the day I read it. Dennis Fuqua brings a wealth of personal experience, as well as rich practical and theological insights, to this important topic. He unpacks this best-of-all-prayers by “the best Pray-er who ever lived” in a fresh and meaningful way. I predict that reading it will draw you to your knees.

Dr. Alvin J. VanderGriend,
Prayer Evangelism Associate for Harvest Prayer Ministries www.harvestprayer.org
Author, Love to Pray

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