A Christmas Version

We recognize, Father, that the event we celebrate this morning is the event that made You the Father so that You could be our Father.  Today, we embrace You more fully as our heavenly Father.  The name You chose for Your Son was a fairly common name, but He was anything but common!  He was the first and only one who was able to completely demonstrate that You are the One Who Saves.  Today and this year, please let us demonstrate the Holiness – the uniqueness – of the name “Jesus.”  On this day we also ask again that just as Jesus (the King of the Jews) came, may He and His kingdom come more and more into our world every day and into our everyday world.  Just as Jesus left heaven to come to our world to do the will of the Father, may we also live our lives fully willing and fully committed to do the same.

The fact that You gave us (this day) the Bread that comes down from heaven, gives us deep assurance that You will continue to give us all the other “bread” we need.  This morning, we are reminded that He came from heaven to earth not only to teach us, to heal us, and inspire us, but also in order to forgive us.  Forgive us of our sins.  And let us forgive others as fully as we ourselves have been forgiven.  Lead us today, not only in the little steps, but lead us in the big picture for our life as You see it.  Let us willingly follow the same pattern as His life.  Let us be willing to leave our “perfect place” in order to do Your will in the place of Your choosing, even when we may be rejected and even when it may cause us great pain.  And since You came to deliver us from and to destroy the works of the evil one, let us see and join You in this fight, so Your kingdom, power, and glory may become far more evident in our world than they are this Christmas morning.

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