PowerPoint Resources

These Power Point presentations will help you as you start praying in this manner.  Download them to your computer by clicking on the link.  

  • The Starting Point Show – This presentation is designed to help people take some first steps in their desire to pray from the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Why I Take the Lord’s Prayer Seriously – This presentation is one I often use (with some modifications) when I share on this topic with a congregation.
  • Hyperlinked Prayer – This is a tool that can help you both understand and pray the Lord’s Prayer in ways you have never thought of before.    1 ) Read the first slide. 2) Advance to the second slide. 3) Move your mouse until the cursor appears. 4) Click on any one of the the hyperlinks and 5) Have fun praying!
  • The Lord’s Prayer Guide – Here are two presentations on how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer.  They are designed to help you lead others through this prayer in a group setting.  Lord’s Prayer Guide 1-3 takes you through the first three requests which focus on Jesus’ big three desires.  Lord’s Prayer Guide 4-7 takes you through the last 4 requests which focus on our four big needs.

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