We have presented this seminar over 30 times.  We are very grateful for the consistent positive response to what is shared.
Here are a few of the many testimonies we have received.

From pastors who have hosted a Living Prayer Seminar:  

I would like to encourage any pastor or leader who wants to increase prayer quantity and quality in their church or ministry to invite Dennis Fuqua to teach his “Living Prayer” Seminar. His insights into the Lord’s Prayer are fresh and inspiring. He comes highly prepared to equip your people with both the desire and the tools to a more effective prayer life. I had some who wondered if six hours of teaching on prayer would get boring but Dennis has every minute planned with fun and engaging interaction and never once loses the attention of the group. He blends a combination of humor, experience, good biblical insight and an honest reverence for God into a much needed experience for today’s Christians. He takes the timeless classic example of prayer and brings new understanding of how to take this masterpiece off the wall and put it into daily practice. The small group discussion guides and the read-along examples of prayer in the Living Prayer book are fabulous. – Pastor Dave, WA.

Both the material presented during the Living Prayer Seminar and the presenter have had a profound impact on our congregation.  Dennis’ whimsical, humorous, and very biblical approach to the subject of prayer spoke to the hearts of our people and is moving us to pray more “biblically”.  Pastor Tom, WA.

This seminar was fast-moving, fun, insightful, biblical and very encouraging.  I heard things about how to pray that I’ve never heard or read anywhere before, and I have a shelf of books on prayer.  I will never pray the same way again. – Pastor Steve, Attleboro, MA

I gained a new appreciation for the importance of the Lord’s Prayer and new insights on how to use this prayer as a basis for my own praying.  – Pastor Philip, RI.

Any congregation fortunate enough to hear Dennis’ skillful presentation will find great treasure in prayer the Lord’s Prayer.  The Holy Spirit will surprise you as you learn to pray in harmony with the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ.  – Pastor Wes, WA.

From a few of the people who have attended the seminar:

This seminar stopped me dead in my tracks!  I found myself prostrate before the Lord – something I’ve never done, I’m sorry to admit.  This has changed my life forever.  – Bev

My eyes have truly been opened to what the Lord expects from me.  Thank you so very much for what you do.  – James G.

This seminar has been tremendous.  I have never thought about how much the Lord’s Prayer should be used as our guide to effective praying.  After the first day it has changed my prayer life.  I appreciated the very practical suggestions and how we can do this on a daily basis. – Darlene,

The Lord’s Prayer has become very deep for me and a treasure to be mined.  Prior to this they were simply words to me. – Judi

We have been so blessed by the Living Prayer Seminar we attended earlier this year.  It has changed the way both of us pray and think about prayer.  You equipped us with tools and teaching that have allowed us to deepen our relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Tyler and Kim

Now I’m getting a glimpse of what this prayer really means.  This seminar has opened up a whole new meaning of this prayer.  I hope to be a living testimony of this prayer.  This has converted me to be a disciple of this prayer. – Dave

Very encouraging! I’m excited to try this way of praying; now the “Lord’s prayer” means so much more to me. Jennifer

This was such a wonderful way to refresh my pray life.  Shawndra

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