Are You Ready?

It was a time when the church was booming. People were getting saved every day, dynamic miracles were taking place, great times of fellowship and teaching, and the culture was noticing. It was happening!
But it was during this time that the first church split could have easily taken place (Acts 6). If you have ever been through a church split, you know the pain it can cause. You know it is serious. In this case, one group was claiming they were not being treated equally with another group. The Apostles and other leaders were approached and asked to fix the problem.
The leaders listened, and agreed that there was a problem. But their response was very different than what we might expect. They opted to delegate this problem to others. “What? You call that good leadership?” In fact, the leaders said it would not be right for them to neglect what God had called them to do to address this problem. “Well, you can’t do that!”
They did this not because they were unwilling to help, but because they were unwilling to stop giving themselves to a higher priority: to prayer and the ministry of the Word.
These two priorities – prayer and the ministry of the Word – were the priorities of the early church leaders. I believe they should also be the priorities of every believer today: especially spiritual leaders. Prayer and the Word were the solutions back then. They are still the solutions today.
I have written two books are on the topic of prayer – personal and corporate. It seems this book naturally fol-lows. There are many ways we should interact with Scripture. This book will show you how to be meaningfully engaged in the most important way to interact with Scripture.
No one would say meditating on Scripture is a bad thing. But there are too few of us who say it is an essential thing for spiritual growth!
• Do you know the stunning Scriptural promises for those who practice Biblical meditation?
• What does it mean to meditate? Do you know how to do it?
• What difference will it make in my life if I do this?
• What’s the goal of Biblical meditation?
• What should I meditate about?
• How do I know when I am doing it right?
These are just a few of the questions this book will clearly address.
There is no guarantee that reading this book will change your life. But, if you read it and do what it says, there is a Biblical guarantee that your life will never be the same.
Are you ready? Let’s start out by looking at our need for Biblical meditation. But first, let’s pray. “God, open the eyes of my heart to see my need for meditating on Your Word.”

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