The following resources will assist you facilitate more dynamic corporate prayer. You are welcome to download them and use them as you wish.

1.1 How is it different from a regular time of prayer?

1.2 How is it different from “individual prayer in a group setting?”

1.4 What if we broadened the meaning of the question “Would you lead us in prayer?”

1.5 Why do you use the word facilitate rather than lead? What is the difference between the two?

3.1 How can I be sure the Holy Spirit will lead us in dynamic corporate prayer?

3.4 How does He lead us?

4.2 Can we worship without songs If so how?

4.5 In times of corporate prayer how do we keep the focus on Jesus and His requests rather than on us and our requests?

5. Scripture – What is the role of Scripture in facilitating dynamic corporate prayer?

5.3 How can we pray through certain topics of Scripture?

6.2 How can I prepare my heart before I facilitate a time of dynamic corporate prayer?

6.3 How can I prepare to start a specific time of dynamic corporate prayer?

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  1. Appreciate the John 17 prayer guide

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