Endorsements for Strengthen Your Prayer Life

I am pleased to endorse another book by my good friend Dennis Fuqua.  Pleased, because I knew the book would be both well written and biblical.  It is the author’s stated “desire to help others discover and grow in some specific ways . . . seen in His Word about how to communicate with Him.”  What a great start!  

After a helpful introduction, including sharing the most consistent word in the New Testament (proskartereo) which among other things, means “devoted,” Dennis goes on to assist the reader in strengthening their prayer life by creatively interviewing nine Biblical characters.  Whether you need advice or affirmation, reading Strengthen Your Prayer Life will be time well spent.

Dr. Dan R. Crawford, Senior Professor of Evangelism & Missions, Chair of Prayer, Emeritus

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

I have learned much from my dear friend Dennis about prayer, both corporate and individual prayer. The pattern of prayer in John 17 he identifies in this book (and which he shared at previous Prayer Summits) has completely changed and enhanced my prayer life. The “interview” style makes for a fun and engaging read, and I can’t wait to put these nuggets into practice alongside the other ones Dennis has already given me for my prayer toolkit.

Dave Drum, Author and Founder of J17 Ministries, Tucson, AZ

What a great book!  I have sat under Dennis Fuqua’s teaching on prayer for many years and consider him to be one of the best teachers and practitioners on prayer in our world today! Strengthen your Prayer Life will revolutionize your perspective on prayer, inspire you to keep praying even when you don’t feel like it, and increase your desire to connect more deeply with Jesus day by day!  I highly recommend this book!

Dr. Jason Hubbard, Student Pastor, Arizona Christian University, Glendale, AZ

Dennis Fuqua takes a creative pathway to introduce the reader’s heart to a deeper, more expanded view of prayer. He moves the reader beyond the traditional boundaries in prayer to an engaging and intimate experience with God. This book expands the readers desire to pray by exploring the hearts of famous Bible figures and their personal relationships with God. It is an insightful and enjoyable read. You will be blessed, equipped, and motivated to enlarge your prayer life as you read this book.  I got many takeaways from it.

Dr. Mark Jones, Prayer Pastor, Mannahouse, Portland, OR

Dennis Fuqua seamlessly weaves his own experiences in prayer with the prayer lives of outstanding Bible characters. He retells their stories in engaging ways that make you want to “move beyond Prayer 101”! As you read, you will discover key prayer principles you can immediately incorporate into your own prayer life.

Carol Madison, Editor of Prayer Connect magazine and Author of Prayer That’s Caught and Taught.

“Strengthening Your Prayer Life” could have been titled “Stretching Your Prayer Life.” It builds us “up” (strengthen) but also “out” by stretching our understanding of prayer and of God. I LOVE interviews …and the conversations in this book will help the reader learn about prayer but also about the One to whom we pray. It will take you from the basic and simple models of communicating (Prayer 101) to the deeper levels of communing, from routine to relationship. Purpose. Listening. The revelation of Scripture.  Dennis teaches us in the way he tells us to pray. Conversationally. 

Phil Miglioratti, The #ReimagineFORUM @ Pray.Network, Sarasota, FL

I started reading Strengthen Your Prayer Life thinking, “I don’t need a lot of help to strengthen my prayer life; I’m already beyond Prayer 101.”  Boy was I wrong. I had a lot to learn and Dennis Fuqua, together with his “interviewees,” were the ones to teach me.  I learned the value of so that as a way to lift my prayers to a new level, got at the root of what shalom really means, came away with a fresh idea of aligning my prayers with God’s desires, added new depth to my understanding of the word glory, and seized on the incredible value of crying out to the Lord. And that was just the beginning of what I gained. I commend this book to you, convinced that no matter how developed your prayer life is, you will gain important insights and find yourself moving forward into a deeper stronger life of prayer.  

Reading the book was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for me.  I really was blessed, not just by the content, but by the interview style.  It will be for you, as well. 

Dr. Alvin J. Vander Griend

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