About The Book

The material for this book has been on my heart and in my head for many years.  After I wrote a potion of it I really liked the content I had written, but the style did not excite me.  As I pondered this, I decided to make the style more interesting by developing a series of imaginary podcasts where I was able to interview Biblical characters about what they had written in Scripture about prayer.  As I pursued this thought, I had more fun with it and I believe you will enjoy both the style and the content.

Would you like to talk with Moses about his audacious prayers? How about Paul and how his prayers were so much better than ours today?  Or would you enjoy asking James some questions about his “straight-forward” comments?  I did.  And it was a special treat (through the magic of imagination) to introduce King David to Jeremiah the prophet!

As you read, you will glean truths from several Biblical characters and their experience and teaching that will help you “Strengthen Your Prayer Life.”

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