We are grateful to Dr. Alvin VanderGriend for writing this foreword.

I’ve had the privilege of participating in several Prayer Summits that Dennis Fuqua facilitated.  I have been amazed at his ability to foster good group prayer.  Several times during his sessions I said to myself, “Dennis is so good at leading group prayer, I wish he would put what he has learned in a book.”  Well he did! And here it is— United and Ignited, Encountering God through Dynamic Corporate Prayer.  You will find that it’s well written and richly insightful.

United and Ignited is a one-of-a-kind book on prayer.  I have about five hundred books on prayer in my library, but this book is unlike any other prayer book on my shelves.  It starts with a clear definition of dynamic corporate prayer; goes on to spell out clearly the role of the facilitator; then delineates how these principles can be incorporated into the life of a local congregation and even in families.  What makes this volume so unique is that it spells out the why and how of prayer leadership down to the most practical levels.

There is a huge need for this book today.  The revival that many spiritual leaders long for and pray for will not happen without corporate prayer. Corporate prayer will not flourish unless pastors take the lead. Pastors will not take the lead unless they are well trained. Very few of us pastors have been adequately trained in the principles and practices of corporate prayer.  But with this volume in their hands, many pastors will be able to give their congregations the necessary leadership to develop dynamic corporate prayer.  That will lay the foundation for revival in the church.

I have had the privilege of knowing and praying with Dennis for many years.  I know of no prayer leader in North America who is more qualified to write on corporate prayer than Dennis Fuqua.  His book has been forged out of years of experience on the front lines of prayer ministry.  He has been the director of International Renewal Ministries since 2000.  In that position he regularly facilitates Prayer Summits around the nation and around the world and, in addition, leads prayer seminars based on his book Living Prayer.  His per-sonal stories and how-to-do-it experiential insights are invaluable.

If, in picking up this book, you are looking for real-life answers to your real-life questions about corporate prayer you won’t be disappointed.  Do you want to know the primary components of dynamic corporate prayer?  You’ll find them here.  Are you curious about the role of the Holy Spirit in corporate prayer?  You’ll discover that in this volume.  Do you wonder if corporate prayer can revive your church’s weekly prayer meeting?  You will learn from United and Ignited why and how it can.  This book answered every question I ever asked about corporate prayer. I think it will answer your questions too.

I am glad that you have been drawn to this book.  As you read, grasp, and apply the principles and practices recommended in these pages, you will find yourself leading corporate prayer in a way you never thought possible.  It has the potential to revolutionize the way that prayer is perceived and experienced in the life of any local church, including yours. 

In response to reading this volume, I encourage you to do three things.  First, pray about prayer.  Yes, pray about prayer!  Pray that God will teach you about prayer from his Word as well as through this volume.  Pray that you will be able to pray like Jesus and intercede like Paul.  Pray that your church will become as devoted to prayer as the first Church of Jerusalem was (Acts 1:14, 2:42, 4:24, 6:4).  Pray that you will have a growing love and ability to facilitate corporate prayer.

Second, practice these principles by facilitating prayer every chance you get.  Create opportunities for people to come together in prayer, and then step up to facilitate these prayer times. A leadership skill that is used will grow strong.

Third, train others to lead corporate prayer.  Multiplying the number of skilled prayer facilitators is bound to increase the amount of corporate prayer and the number of prayer-devoted churches.  That’s what you really want isn’t it?

Dr. Alvin VanderGriend, Prayer Evangelism Associate for Harvest Prayer Ministries, Lynden, Washington

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