Ascension Day

All days are not the same.  Ascension Day is unique in all of history.  I am convinced it is Jesus’ favorite holiday, yet it gets truly little attention in the Evangelical Church.  Please consider the following.

A summary

“Today” is the day that Jesus…

  • Gave His disciples His last earthly blessing.  (Luke 24:50)
  • Charged His followers to be His witnesses.  (Acts 1:8)
  • Ascended to His Father’s right hand.  (Acts 1:9)
  • Sat down at His Father’s right hand and His enemies became His footstool.  (Heb 1:13)
  • Entered His pre-incarnate glory.  (John 17:5)
  • Was welcomed back into Heaven as the victorious Savior.  “Well done…”  The long trip was finally over.  (Eph 4:10)
  • Was exalted to the” highest place” and given a name above every other name.  (Phil 2:9)
  • Gave people as gifts to His church.  (Eph 4:8)
  • Began His High Priestly ministry of intercession for the saints.  (Rom 8:34, Heb 8:1)

And His disciples…

  • Watched in awe as He ascended.  (Acts 1:11)
  • Worshipped Him (Luke 24:52)
  • Obeyed Him by going to the upper room to begin 10 days of prayer prior to Pentecost.  (Acts 1:12-14)

And we…

  • We took our place seated with Him in heavenly places.  (Eph 2:6)


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