L/P. Simple Agreement

Dennis shares a way to pray through The Lord’s Prayer by simply agreeing with each line.


L/P. Meditating on this Prayer

Most all of what Dennis has learned about The Lord’s Prayer has come simply by meditating upon it. This brief video explains Biblical meditation and its role in prayer.


L/P. Two Parts of the Prayer

Have you noticed the two halves of The Lord’s Prayer? Here Dennis points them out and shares how we can pray effectively from them.


L/P. Praying from the First Half

Dennis shares how he and you can pray more meaningfully from the first three requests of The Lord’s Prayer.


L/P. Praying from the Second Half

Dennis gives a brief explanation and an example of how to pray from the last four requests of The Lord’s Prayer.


Dennis explains the significance to the contrasts in the opening line of The Lord’s Prayer.


L/P. A Thanksgiving Version

Dennis shares how The Lord’s Prayer can be an outline for our deep expression of thanks.


L/P. “This day”

Dennis shows how these two words can and should become some of our most important words as we pray from The Lord’s Prayer.


L/P. A Christmas Version

Dennis shows how The Lord’s Prayer can be adapted, specifically to the first advent of Jesus. Pray with him.

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