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Because of our deep desire to assist you in your pursuit of letting the Lord’s Prayer become Alive in You, we have carefully developed this Study Guide. You may use it individually or with an existing home group or class. Or why not design a group for the purpose of developing a deeper relationship with Jesus through this study?

We are delighted to be able to offer it to you free of charge.  Printer abilities and setting vary greatly from printer to printer.  Set your printer to print a booklet on both sides.  If you have difficulty printing this, please let us know.  We will do what we can to get the Study Guide to you.

Let the Lord’s Prayer Guide Your Prayer for Your City

As you pray for your city, why not let Jesus’ clear instructions on prayer direct how you pray?  This one page, bi-fold brochure guides you through the seven requests of the Lord’s Prayer applying each one to your city.

Bookmark – Expanded LP

Each word of the Lord’s prayer can be expanded.  This bookmark shows some examples of how that can be done.  Use these examples, but don’t be satisfied with them.  Trust the Holy Spirit to show you more.

Using the Prayer – Brochure

This one-page tri-fold brochure in PDF format includes the content of the “So that/by” Bookmark as well as an extensive summary of information about the Lord’s Prayer from the Living Prayer Seminar.  It is designed to be a quick, usable summary for those who have attended then seminar.

The items below are found in the book, and are offered here so you may print them and use them as you see fit.

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